Each week there will be fun weekly challenges to do. These challenges will inspire you to be more active outside of the gym and also get creative with your nutrition. These simple fun weekly challenges constantly change and keeps you fit all year round, while at the same time bringing a smile to your face.


Let's face it, your only as strong as the people who support you! With that being said, in our Facebook Community Group we have the BEST people to support you and motivate you everyday! Honestly it's like a huge family reunion party every single day in the Facebook Group and everyone wants you to succeed and reach your goals!


Every week I will be doing a live Q&A going over any questions that you may have about health, fitness, nutrition or just general lifestyle advice as well. These videos are the "secret sauce" to the success of the Facebook Group. You will learn how to make being fit and healthy easy to follow for your lifestyle from these videos.




“Before I started working out with Joe, I was complacent and was comfortable with my routine. Now I’m challenged every time I step on the gym and I’m not hitting “workout plateaus”. Since the start I have seen results. I’m lifting heavier weight, have more stamina and energy, and I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been. I would recommend anyone to talk to Joe. From the beginner to the person who has worked out their whole life, Joe can get you where you want to be mentally and physically!”

- Jonathan 27

“It was until speaking with Joe that I learned the step by step routines and meal plans. The apps for accountability and able to see your improvements by keeping stats such as pictures, calorie intake, and gains of reps/weight per week. The physical results are so exciting to see each week. The support and quick responses mentally was a relief. The ease of Joe creating your calorie intake, your meal plans what type of exercises you need to do to achieve your goal. He takes all that work from you, you just need to do the work. I would have never achieved where I am today without Joe, because I had no idea about calorie deficit, I thought I was eating all the right foods/condiments and I wasn’t. This program honestly is a life-changing experience for me! I would recommend others to work with Joe. I am so excited about the results that I have achieved through Joe that I have spoken to others bragging about this program and I hope that at least one person that I’ve shared my experience with will join Joe’s program and I thank him for his time and his education.”

Shannon, 46

“Before working with Joe, I was at a standstill. I lost momentum in my active life and fell short of any goals I set, but Joe was personable and showed that he to experiences tough times in his active lifestyle. I truly wasn’t able to realize that I could be active on my own home. I thought I had a lot of barriers that would stop me from working out, but once I had the right tools and appropriate workouts from Joe, I was able to think outside the box and accomplish daily workouts without going to the gym. Making time to workout isn’t such a struggle anymore. Because of how personable and real Joe is, I have and continue to recommend working with him as a coach. You tackle issues you never thought were getting in the way of creating an active lifestyle and it truly is an eye opening experience. Joe is not only my coach, but him and I have built a friendship.”

- Colleen, 27




Hi, I’m Joe. When I first started training in the gym, I find it to be the exact confidence boost I was looking for.


The gym was the perfect stress relief, no matter what was going on in my life, a 1-2 hour session was like a meditation for me. I’d come out feeling refreshed, renewed and confident.


My love of fitness grew from there and I wanted others to experience the same feelings that I had. Through my mobile fitness app I have been blessed to transform peoples bodies and minds from all around the world!

My main mission in life is to help as many committed individuals get in the best shape possible. My goal with Heartletics is to make health and fitness fit into your lifestyle with fun and easy daily habits.

That’s why I work directly with my clients day-to-day schedule to ensure they are getting the best results possible, without spending hours a day inside the gym.

The New Standard for Online Training and Nutrition Coaching

  • Upload Progress Photos

  • Track Your Workout Progress

  • Message Your Trainer At Anytime

  • Instructional Videos For Your Workouts

  • Log Your Meals (Syncs with MyFitnessPal)